May 25, 2017

the goings on.

 i feel so behind documenting life. my brain thinks in list form when it feels cramped and full. so here's a little list of all the things on my brain this morning.

  • today is the kiddos last full day of school - FIRST GRADE. whaaaa?!!! 
  • tomorrow they go to school for an hour and a half. seriously? not sure the purpose of that. 
  • bella pee'd on the floor in my office last night. interesting that she didn't pee anywhere we got the carpets cleaned - just right next to it, which is the best scenario. found this cheap powder at wal-mart that someone recommended. worked great! always surprised when the cheaper versions work better than the expensive ones. 
  • i'm so ready for summer. everyone is. mostly because of no bedtimes or wakeup times... and lots of swimming. 
  • my sisters C+A are here in their airstream up at Heber for at least 2 months! ahhhhhhh! too happy about that. i wish they could stay forever. 
  • bought a new battery for my car last week. the mechanic was surprised it lasted so long. my car is almost 19 years old and has 137,000 miles on it. and the best part - i still LOVE it. i just need it to hang on another year... pretty please. 
  • we started to grow some veggies from seeds - thanks to aunty anga. we did so well, and then i killed them because i put them on the porch and forgot. they died of heatstroke. bummer. 
  • the kiddos first hula recital is coming up soon. they both love hula now which makes it nice since i will never let them quit. haha. 
  • kiddos just finished piano lessons till fall. 
  • our two dogs - bella and marley - follow me everywhere. 
  • marley thinks my bed is hers and she will not share it with eugene. 
  • the little miss also still thinks my bed is hers too. poor daddy. 
  • i must say i am enjoying the no snoring zone since he has been banished to the guest room. 
  • our therapy private practice office is thriving... heavenly blessings. 
  • i am nearing 6 months of starting my own business, clove + fig, which i love. 
  • the kiddos are growing so fast that sometimes i blink and find myself staring at them trying to soak in every part of them because they are changing and growing every day.
  • i am serving in the stake young women's presidency. what a blessing that has been to my life. 
  • the sisters i serve with are absolutely amazing. love each and every single one of them. 

September 7, 2016

ame'lia turns 7 | happy birthday.

our sweet daughter turned 7 last week.  S E V E N - hold on while i fill a river with my tears - lol. that time thing again. running faster than i can grasp. we decorated her bedroom door while she slept and made our customary birthday sign - all about her. she was super excited for school and to have me come and share with her class her favorite things. she chose to pass out fruit by the foot for her treat to all her classmates. she is such a little artist so we had a family night at color me mine. i'm not sure who had more fun - daddy or ame'. we ended the night with a birthday cupcake from The Sweet Tooth Fairy and lots of kisses and cuddles.

my dear sweet may-may, 
you are incredible, amazing, adorable, kind, lovable, smart, wonderful, divine, selective, sensitive, strong, oh so funny, courageous, tenderhearted, brave, and perfectly beautiful just the way you are.

oh how we love you.

6-year-old accomplishments: 
very first haircut (i know, ridiculous. blame daddy). completed first year of soccer. finished kindergarten. started all-day first grade. won first place in a foot race. rode rides at the fair with nana. first car show with papa (2nd place).

7-year-old wishes:  
learn to roller skate. go on a disney cruise.

September 6, 2016

first grade, here they come.

the kids are well into first grade life. i always have to stop myself from saying, "where did the time go!" but seriously, whahhh?!!!? they absolutely love school and their teacher. we decided to put them in the same class this time and so far it has been a great blessing. they were most excited about taking their own lunches and getting two recesses on the big kid's playground. it's easy to wake them up in the morning because they are so happy to go. when friday comes, they literally count down how many days until they will go to school again. wouldn't it be nice if they kept that love and excitement through college. here's to hoping! today the little miss was heartbroken because a boy at recess kicked her between the legs. she said she held her tears in and ran off but once she got in the car (hours later) she let it go. i gave her lots of cuddles in the pick-up line and asked her all the appropriate questions. i asked her if she thought her body hurt more or her feelings. she said, "my feelings," and then cried some more. once she got that out, life was all better. aisa said he froze and didn't know what to do and he felt terrible about it. he said tomorrow he is going to tell that boy if he ever touches his sister again he is in big trouble and will tell the teacher or kick him back. he was very upset about the whole ordeal. i'm glad she has her personal bodyguard there. i'm glad they have each other.